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Medium Coffees

Bluem Muntain Reserve Coffee
Blue Mountain Reserve

Price: $19.95

Brazilian Estates Coffee
Brazilian Estates

Price: $13.95

Cafe La Semeuse
Cafe La Semeuse
Price: $16.95
Cafe-La-Semeuse Parisien Coffee
Cafe-La-Semeuse Parisien
Price: $16.95
California Gold Coast Coffee
California Gold Coast

Price: $18.75
Cafe         Roast Blend Coffee
Cafe Roast Blend
Price: $14.50
Celebes         Kalossi Coffee
Celebes Kalossi
Price: 17.95
Colombian Supremo Coffee
Colombian Supremo
Price: $14.95
Sale price: $13.95
Colombian Cafe Blend Coffee
Colombian Cafe Blend
Price: $14.25

Costa         Rican Tarrazu Coffee
Costa Rican Tarrazu
Price: $16.95
Ethiopian Harrar Coffee
Ethiopian Harrar
Price: $17.95
Guatemala Antiqua Coffee
Guatemala Antiqua
Price: $12.95
Hawaiian Kona Blend Coffee
Hawaiian Kona Blend
Price: $17.45
House Blend         Coffee
House Blend
Price: $14.95
Kona Macadamia Nut
Kona Macadamia Nut
Price: $14.35
Kona Fancy AA
Kona Fancy AA
Price: $69.95

Mocha Java Coffee
Mocha Java
Price: $17.95
Papua New Guinea Coffee
Papua New Guinea
Price: $13.95

Sulawesi Blend
Sulawesi Blend
Price: $17.95
Tanzania Peaberry Coffee
Tanzania Peaberry
Price: $13.75

Medium Coffees

When we call these medium coffees, we don't mean a so-so coffee - but rather a smooth full flavor cup of coffee with great aroma. All of our coffee beans are Arabica coffee, a higher grade of coffee that has richer flavor than Robusta coffee used in most low price coffees.

Not sure what you'd like, consider ordering our Medium Coffee Sampler from the Coffee Sampler option on the menu on the left. You get 4 different 1/4 lb medium coffees in either whole bean or one of 5 grinds which you select.